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  • Jean Greenhowe Designs Knitted Clowns (24 Pages)
  • Jean Greenhowe Designs Knitted Clowns (24 Pages)
  • Jean Greenhowe Designs Knitted Clowns (24 Pages)

Knitted Clowns (24 Pages) by Jean Greenhowe Designs

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    See more Knitted Clowns pictures on Jean Greenhowe Website.

    Here comes The Red Nose Gang - the most comical chuckle of colourful Clowns you will ever meet!

    These figures are exceptional works of knitted art. They are free-standing and measure an impressive 48cm (19in) in height. The detail in all five Clowns is truly outstanding.

    But the most amazing thing about the Clowns is that they are so easy to make. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly elaborate detail. Such is Jean’s talent for simplicity of construction that the Clowns can be made by anyone who can knit, purl, increase and decrease. These are the only skills required.

    The ease of making the Clowns is all due to the expertise in the design. Jean creates seemingly impossible things, with no intricate knitting technicalities whatsoever.

    With Knitted Clowns you will discover how to knit a potted plant, toothpaste, a banana and a watch-the-birdie camera (with birdie!) without any trouble at all.

    Moreover you will astound your relatives and friends with your creativity and when anyone asks what you are knitting you can truthfully reply, an alarm clock, string of sausages or a desert island!

    Each one of the Clowns has a theme, with appropriate accessories.

    Sidney Slapstick is obviously a dedicated tradesman, dedicated that is to messing up just about anything and everything in sight. In fact Sidney seems to have more paint on his overalls than on the walls!

    There’s nothing Mr. Fortywinks likes better than a good snooze. Then after a hard day’s snoozing, there’s nothing he likes better than going to bed for a good night’s sleep. Of course he always cleans his teeth before retiring but it looks like he has squeezed the tube a bit too hard this time!

    O, Yummy! certainly likes his treats. Just look at that delicious ice-cream sundae balanced on his hat. But watch out for the banana-skin and beware of that large custard pie!

    Godfrey Gadabout just can’t resist going on holiday. With shorts and scarf, sunglasses and umbrella, suitcase and map - he is definitely equipped for every eventuality. And he wouldn’t set off on his adventures without his extra-special camera, because when Godfrey says ‘Watch the birdie’, he really means it!

    Bertie Bloomer loves gardening, but watering his mushrooms can be quite a problem because it always makes his hat go soggy. Never mind Bertie, it’s a good excuse to dry off in the sunshine and get down to the serious business of making daisy chains!

    As many thousands of knitters testify, the Red Nose Gang Clowns are quite simply ‘Jeanius’.


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