We're giving away $4000 worth of yarn for your charitable projects! 

The recipients for the 2021/2022 Yarn for Good giveaway have been contacted. Thank-you for your support.



We know so many wonderful people knit and crochet for good causes. We'd love to hear your stories and help out. We've partnered with Bernat and Patons yarn to give 12 individuals and groups a total of $4000 worth of yarn to use towards their good works / charitable projects. Since we get requests from all over, and we'd like to do something nice for our neighbours, this is open to Canadians and Americans.

Here’s the yarn we’ll be giving away:

  • $1000 of yarn to a Canadian group who knits or crochets for a good cause
  • $1000 of yarn to an American group who knits or crochets for a good cause
  • 10 x $200 of yarn to Canadian or American individuals or groups who knit or crochet for a good cause

To apply just fill out the form below and tell us your story. Let us know what will you use the yarn for, what impact has this or previous projects had, and anything else important to your story. If you have any photos we’d love to see them too.

Applications are now closed. 


Additional Details

  • Yarn awards include free shipping to US and Canada (excluding remote areas)
  • Yarn will be pre-selected by though we will take feedback on your specific needs
  • Yarn will be awarded at the sole discretion of Our aim will be to give to a variety of causes, people, and locations
  • Deadline to apply is Jan 13th, 2022
  • Our staff will work together to select the recipients of the yarn by Feb 3rd, 2022