Prym 32"/80cm Ergonomics Circular Knitting Needles (Size US 6 - 4 mm)

32"/80cm Ergonomics Circular Knitting Needles (Size US 6 - 4 mm) by Prym

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Made in Germany, Prym knitting needles are newly innovated to give you a super comfortable knitting experience. Drop-shaped tips make picking up and guiding the yarn simpler and stitches glide easily with the triangle shape of the shaft. “Form follows function” with Prym needles as the design serves the function and use, making knitting a breeze for beginners and more experienced knitters.

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    The tips are perfect for fine knitting

    Posted by Unknown on 2023 Jan 21st

    These needles are great for delicate knitting where you If you need to get under a fine yarn or a tight knit these are the needles to use.

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    Throw a Parade for Prym

    Posted by Indigo-winged Knitter on 2021 Jul 9th

    Curiosity satisfied this cat! Great product and delivers as promised. Lightweight in the hands, less annoying cord memory and super easy to see the stitches on light coloured needles. The "bulb" tip takes a bit of getting used to, but actually means better handling/grasping of yarn, with less splitting etc. All in all, a wonderful and innovative product - a real treat to use if you have hand/wrist injuries, sensitivities. The only downfall is the box packaging - it's too bad it's not the standard pocket packaging - it would be easier to store multiple sets. And a really excellent price for this product at YC. I was curious to test these needles because they're supposed to be super easy and comfortable to use, as well as being ergonomically friendly. And they are - surprisingly. They're lightweight, the stainless steel cord has less "loopy memory flex" and the light colour of the needles makes it easy to see your stitches! The only "little adjustment" is the slight "bulb" at the needle tip, which seems a bit odd/weird at first, but it actually makes grabbing the yarn easier. Truly a superb product, especially if you have hand/wrist injuries or are arthritic. My only "complaint" is that there's no easy and simple way to store the needles once out of the packaging. Would I recommend this product if you're curious? Absolutely. And certainly, at YC - the price is more than affordable.

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    Love the prom needles

    Posted by Joanna on 2020 Dec 22nd

    Enjoying working with them

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