Ashford Inkle Loom 3.4m/134"

Inkle Loom 2.8m/110" by Ashford

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The loom is designed to create long, very strong braids. Weave intricate patterns and embellish with different types of yarns, beads and colours. Make trims, tassels, bands, straps, chokers, dog leads and more. The warp tension can be adjusted with the adjusting block. Compact size for portability and easy storage. Belt shuttle and 16 page instruction booklet included.

Made from Silver Beech hardwood.

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    Ashford Inkle Loom

    Posted by Dilys Sutherland on 2022 Apr 28th

    I’m thrilled! I’ve been looking for an inkle loom, but other sources were pricier. This was in my budget, it was easy to assemble, and I’m weaving up a storm with it. Great product!

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    Posted by Cindy on 2022 Apr 7th

    Easy to assemble, well built and easy to use.

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    Ashford Inkle Loom 2.8m

    Posted by Susan Beattie on 2022 Mar 29th

    I"m totally stoked with my purchase, it was super easy to assemble and once the glue was dry I was working on my first inkle belt :-)

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    My new baby!

    Posted by Jenn S. on 2021 Jul 21st

    Welp, now I'm buying a rigid heddle. WAS THIS YOUR PLAN ALL ALONG YARN CANADA?! In all serious. It's a great little belt/trim to dip your foot into to see if this is your kind of hobby. Well built, easy to assemble, and shipping was on time (I specifically mean the point from seller to courier, not courier to me,), and well packed. If you're not sure, this is a great affordable option to see if it's your kind of thing. You can never go wrong with an Ashford!

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    Posted by Damien on 2021 Feb 17th

    This little look is amazing. Only thing is you had to put it together (which you can do in probably 15 minutes). Once everything was assembled I went right to work weaving and I’m amazed at how quickly I picked it uo

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    Inkle loom

    Posted by Susan on 2020 Oct 13th

    I just started doing this kind of weaving and this loom is great. I had a small loom I made myself, but this one is so much easier to use. I’m using it for card weaving. By the way I’m not a carpenter, this loom went together so quick and easy the hardest part was waiting for the glue to dry so I could use it. Thank you

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    Great loom

    Posted by Unknown on 2020 Oct 2nd

    Works very well.

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    Inkle loom ... a weaving experience

    Posted by Helene St-Jean on 2020 Apr 21st

    I assembled and varnished my loom and now, it's time to enjoy it. I warped it following the instructions of the booklet. It was very easy and it looks wonderful. I can't wait to start weaving on it. I recommend it for experienced weavers, beginners and possibly for children wanting to try on a bit of weaving.

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    Inkle loom

    Posted by Helen Brown on 2020 Mar 20th

    Well made