Ashford Rigid Heddle Sampleit Loom 25cm/10"

Rigid Heddle Sampleit Loom 25cm/10" by Ashford

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We wanted to make a loom that is inexpensive, compact and cute without sacrificing function. This is a loom for new and experienced weavers. The perfect classroom loom. Whether you are learning to weave for the first time, want to learn new techniques or sample your wonderful yarns, this loom is fun and easy to use. Just add yarn!

This is the perfect gift for a new weaver. Anybody can weave on this wonderful little loom.

The 25cm (10ins) weaving width allows you to sample all your favourite rigid heddle patterns, textures and colours. Weave scarves, fabric and more. So compact, it is only 1.4 kg (3lbs).

The loom is made from beautiful solid natural Silver Beech timber and has strong handles, ratchets and clicker pawls so your warp never unwinds unintentionally. Built-in second heddle option.

Also available are 2.5, 5, 10, 12.5 and 15 dpi (10, 20, 40, 50 and 60/10cm) reeds so you can weave fine to textured yarns.

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    Rigid Heddle Sampleit Loom 10'

    Posted by Susan on 2022 Jul 31st

    My last loom was 50 times bigger than this just wanted something small should the urge strike, easy to assemble and use.

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    Posted by Unknown on 2021 Sep 22nd

    Great compact for quick weaving projects.

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    Easy for first time weavers with great results!

    Posted by Unknown on 2020 Dec 29th

    Bought for my 11 year old daughter, and no one in our house has any experience with looms or weaving. The instructions were easy to follow and we were really impressed with how well our first piece turned out.

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    Excellent beginners tool

    Posted by Unknown on 2019 Nov 27th

    My daughter loves it. Very portable and easy to use.

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    Great addition to new hobby

    Posted by Kimberly McCord on 2019 Oct 2nd

    This is a great size for portability. Good for scarves for adults and children. HOWEVER, be aware that the weaving width is NOT 10”. Full weaving width of reed is only 9-1/2”.

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    Ashford Looms Opened Up the Weaving World for Me

    Posted by Raven on 2019 Jun 7th

    Sometime back, when I decided to follow a longtime urge to add weaving to my crafts life, I was introduced to Ashford's products, and I have been revelling in them ever since. I have a 10" SampleIt loom, and a 24" rigid heddle loom, with reeds from 7.5 dpi to 15 dpi for each, pickup sticks and many shuttles to fill my creative fancy. All the Ashford products I have are well made, simple and practical in design, and I expect that they will last me for years. With the double heddle kit in place on both looms, I can now do finer work, more detailed designs, and even double width projects. While these looms may appear to be very simple, the possibilities are endless, and even 4-shaft loom designs can be converted and accomplished on them. (Not that I've tackled that challenge yet, but have read about it!) Also, when I'm weaving on the rigid heddle, I feel connected with all those weavers from back in time to the present day who work on simple looms. Grandiose computer connected floor looms are not necessary in order to make beautiful things. It has been a pleasure to work with the folks at Yarn Canada. They have always been friendly and helpful, and orders are handled expeditiously.

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    Love it!

    Posted by Sabrina on 2018 Jul 5th

    Easy to assemble, easy to use. So happy I made this purchase!