Ashford Top Whorl Spindles - 70 mm

Top Whorl Spindles - 70 mm by Ashford

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Now available in five sizes!

These spindles are well balanced, have strong spring wire hooks bent to help keep your yarn from arcing out of the hook. The long shafts help to balance the spindle and allow for "down the thigh" propulsion for high-speed spinning.

The spindles are lightly finished with lacquer. Buy them individually or buy the Drop Spindle Collection which includes a stand.

Available in five sizes:

TWS9 - 90mm (3¾ins), 80gm (2¾ozs)
TWS8 - 80mm (3⅛ins), 50gm (1¾ozs)
TWS7 - 70mm (2¾ins), 35gm (1¼ozs)
TWS6 - 60mm (2⅜ins), 20gm (¾oz)
TWS5 - 50mm (2ins), 15gm (½oz)

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    Posted by Daphne on 2020 Jan 7th

    I like this spindle a lot. It spins well, feels pretty balanced. There is a notch on the bottom of the whorl but not the top, which I felt would have given it another star. I also like a bit more of a tapered end which would have given it another star. That’s just for me as a beginner. If you don’t mind not having a top notch and pointed end then this is a nice smooth spindle that spins fine to medium weight yarn well.